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‘Digital Identity and Predictive Policing in the United States’, conference by the IRDEIC, CEEC and IDP
on the January 11, 2019

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 H Lecture hall

This conference has the double objective of informing students and PhD candidates on the collective legal research and the current issues arising in digital law. The forecasting issues relating to ‘digital identity’ and ‘predictive policing in the United States’ will be examined.

The discussion will first look at the organisational methods of a legal research group, the steps followed, difficulties encountered, and the results obtained or expected.

The challenges posed by ‘digital identity’ and ‘predictive policing in the United States’ along with the legal framework in which they are predicated will then be opened up for a fuller discussion with the general public.
These topics raise many issues in relation to the protection of people and respect for basic rights. The role of the legal researcher on topics that are still not, or imperfectly, grasped by the law will be the focus point of the discussions and the issues raised will form a concrete roadmap for further legal research and recommendations to be made to lawmakers.

Organisers: Céline Castets-Renard and Jessica Eynard

Host: Quentin Guiguet-Schiele

Activities suggested by students of Master 2 Law and IT course.


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Additional information

This event is run in partnership with the IRDEIC (EuroNum Research Programme), IDP and the Master 2 Law and IT society.


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