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Research programmes

Introduction to research programmes

At Toulouse Capitole University, the IRDEIC represents a research centre that encompasses all legal research fields beyond the national level (international, European and comparative). The institute also has a multi-disciplinary dimension as it draws from a balanced pool of public and private law lawyers (as such dichotomy makes little sense in real-world issues).
The IRDEIC continues to invest in the research fields it has acquired expertise in or where such research could still be expanded or diversified.

Programme fields

European law on health and medications

Since its creation, the IRDEIC has worked on the Sésame and Sésame2 programmes

Administrative European law

The CODAE programme opened up the field and prospects which are used within the STRUDAE programme.

Public international law

The RASDIP programme in cooperation with Quebec’s Laval University.

European finances

ETE and TVA programmes

Digital law

EuroNum programme
With works on personal data protection which will be expanded.

European criminal law

DPE programme

Constitutional law of the European Union

PEACE programme

European human rights law

IDHEAL programme:
Integration and Human Rights in Areas of Freedom
Participation in the UTELIB subject group within the IFR

Other comparative law fields

ODAD programme: Opening of the law to other disciplines

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