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"European Convention on Human Rights and its supra-legality: what is the theoretical and practical importance of the ECHR?’, a conference organised by the CEEC and IRDEIC
on the November 29, 2019
11.00 AM

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Gabriel Marty room


Conference based on the book: La Convention européenne des droits de l’homme (The European Convention of Human Rights). Article-by-article commentary in Stämpfli and Lexisnexis publications. Luc Gonin and Oliviers Bigler will give a joint lecture on the topic: ‘ECHR and supra-legality: what is the theoretical and practical importance of the ECHR?’


The objective of the Europe Capitole Centre of Excellence’s        programme is to study the place and role of fundamental freedoms in European integration.

Fundamental rights are legal and political instruments that can affect the direction and content of European integration; their nature and the numerous ways they intersect with the law and political science deserve to be examined from legal and political perspectives.

In the spirit of Jean Monnet who advocated for the union of peoples, this study has been made accessible to Europeans through the Lectures on Freedoms series.

Book: Convention européenne des droits de l’homme (CEDH)

The European Convention on Human Rights today forms an essential source of public law. However, it is also increasingly influential in the private law sphere. With a forward by the president of the European Court of Human Rights, this pra
ctical work takes in-depth, yet concise, look at the rights and freedoms guaranteed under articles 1-18 of the convention. The book features:

- a desire to state the rule of law, as it stands today, in clear, concise terms;
- a thorough analysis of case-law (over 2,000 judgements cited);
- an orientation in favour of practitioners – the book contains a detailed index, useful citations and specific bibliographies;
- a clear effort to structure the book to facilitate the search for information;
- case-law concerning countries in western, central and eastern Europe.

In fact, this book fills in a gap in French-speaking legal theory since such commentary books have been in short supply in recent years.


Find out more about tke book

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