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The financial autonomy of the independent agencies Thesis defended by Valérie Amalric, under the supervision of M Dussart (IRDEIC)
on the December 5, 2014
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Thesis defended: The financial autonomy of the independent agencies

The financial autonomy of the independent agencies

Abstract :

The financial autonomy of independent authorities (IA) is at the same time the most crucial, yet uncertain characteristic of these authorities. Although not full, this autonomy does exist and can be measured through several yardsticks. Autonomy encompasses two elements : on the one hand, fiscal autonomy, consisting in the capacity to freely define the budget, notably by deciding on the allocation of resources and, on the other hand, accounting autonomy, allowing for the free use of payment appropriations and, thus, expenditure control. However, independent authorities being enclosed in relationships of dependence with the state, that’s why we can ask us how articulate these links with the financial autonomy of IA.The financial autonomy that is measured in the independent administrative authorities can beimproved. One should preserve it and guarantee it by means of a concrete and effective legalprotection through the setting up of specificities setting apart independent administrativeauthorities from the general law of the financial system, where the LOLF is applicable.

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