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Thesis defended by M. Romain Bourrel - under the supervision of M. Vincent Dussart (IRDEIC)
on the November 22, 2013
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Thesis defended : Public employment and public finances : a legal insight of State management

Public employment and public finances : a legal insight of State management
Romain Bourrel get the Maurice Hauriou
reward 2014 for his work.

Abstract :

Public employment, wider than public service, raises a number of issues relative to its definition, legal regime and links with public finances. It is of paramount importance in public law, notably because of its financial implications. It is indisputable that public employment can be considered as a public expenses’ generator: human resource management mechanisms embedded in texts and political choices made for several decades might be looked at through the financial prism. The most recent reforms apparently take into consideration financial issues since they aim to contain staff expenses, to improve the internal functioning of the State and to optimise the management of public staff. Therefore, it is pertinent to take a financial look at these reforms to assess their scope and magnitude. Public employment and public finances are deeply intertwined: the following study should reveal the nature and ambiguities of this relationship.

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