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‘The role of judges in the migration, security and economic crises occurring in France and Italy’, IRDEIC CEEC doctoral workshops
from November 21, 2019 to November 22, 2019

Doctoral workshops on ‘the role of judges in the migration, security and economic crises occurring in France and Italy’.
2019 PHC Galilée research programme


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Under the aegis of the 2019 PHC Galilée research programme, teams from Toulouse I Capitole University and the University of Verona have organised doctoral workshops for 21 and 22 November 2019. The topic is: ‘The role of judges in the migration, security and economic crises occurring in France and Italy’ ».


These two days of studies will take place at Toulouse I Capitole University where doctoral students and recent doctoral graduates have been invited to discuss the judge’s role in relation to migration, security and economic crises. The question is to ascertain whether or not a judicial policy emanates from such crises.

The judge’s role is expected to be discovered through three areas. The first is the separation of powers; judges should consider their role objectively within the general legal order. Secondly, there is the more subjective aspect which is how judges perceive their mandate. Thirdly, there is analysis of the logic that guides the reasoning of judges to a decision.

These doctoral workshops are open to all PhD candidates and recent graduates (thesis defence must have been after July 2016), in any field such as constitutional, administrative, criminal, tax or private law, jurisprudence, legal theory, European law, sociology, politics or economics. Speakers must consider the topic through the Italian and French legal systems and may adopt a comparative approach or remain focused on a single national law.

Proposals must be in French, English or Italian and be sent before 15 July 2019 to the following email address: The applicant must state the title of the speech and the particular area of research (1, 2 or 3). The proposal must not exceed 3,000 characters and specify the language for the oral presentation and discussion (French, English or Italian).

Proposals will be made anonymous before being assessed and the scientific committee will communicate the results by email with the individuals during the week beginning 16 September 2019.

If an applicant is successful, they must provide a written version of 20,000 characters by 1 November 2019 to enable discussion during the workshops. The presentation at the workshop should be about 15 minutes (more details to follow once applications are selected) and be preferably in French, English or Italian. Toulouse 1 Capitole University will be responsible for the final publication of the presentations at the doctoral workshops. A presentation should not exceed 40,000 characters.

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