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A word from the director
‘The Research Institute on European, International and Comparative Law (IRDEIC) was founded in 2007 as the successor to the European Research Institute on Economic Law (IREDE). The latter was strictly focused on economics and was no longer commensurate to the changes occurring in European integration...

The pooling of specialists in EU law, private international law, European finances law and comparative law within this centre was in step with the methods, structures and recent developments of the European Union.
The centre has an annual budget of €57,000 and two libraries specialising in public finances and comparative law. It participates in the scientific management of the European Documentation Centre at the former tobacco factory library. The IRDEIC also has its own secretariat.
The institute’s editorial activity makes use of two of its own collections: the IRDEIC Journal, which aims to disseminate periodic grey literature (e.g. working papers) that can help fuel scientific debate; and the IRDEIC Studies whose different issues contain collective publications or conference proceedings.’


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