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PRAGUE joint programme
Coordinator: Fabrice BIN
The cooperation between the IRDEIC and the Comparative Law Centre of Charles University, Prague, was established as part of a policy by the supervisors of the Czech university to diversify their university relations beyond German-speaking countries.
The first demonstration of this cooperation was a symposium on the abuse of rights entitled ‘Abuse of rights’, a Franco-Czech dialogue which was held in Prague in the spring of 2015

Charles University participants


  • Solange Maslowski: Abuse of rights in Directive 2004/38/EC or Abuse of rights in the European law on migration.

  • Professeur Tichý : Abuse of rights. Concept and scope.

  • Rita Šik Šimon : Abuse of rights in Hungarian private law

  • Bohumíl Dvoøák : Abuse of rights and civil legal proceedings

  • Jiøí Hrádek : Abusive recourse to provisional measures and the issue of damages

  • Petra Pipkova :Abuse of civil actions in anti-trust law

  • Vít Zvánovec : Abuse of rights and the notional call to assembly

  • Eva Ondøejová: Protection of personal rights and the abuse of individual rights to compensation

Toulouse 1 Capitole University participants

  • Fabrice Bin : General theory on the abuse of rights: origins and admissibility in French law

  • Marc Blanquet : Abuse of rights in EU law

  • Baptiste Tranchant : Abuse of rights in international law

  • Joël Andriantsimbazovina : Abuse of rights before the European Court of Human Rights

  • Catherine Grynfogel : Abuse of rights in EU competition law

  • Sophie Raimbault de Fontaine : Abuse of rights in French tax law

  • Guillemine Taupiac Nouvel : Abuse of rights in criminal law

  • Joël Molinier : summary of submissions