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“Question sur la Question” - 5th edition of the co-organized IMH- l'IRDEIC symposium
on the June 5, 2015
9:00 am

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Maury amphitheater

The 5th edition of the " Question sur la Question " ( Investigating the investigation) symposium will focus on the process prior to the decision made by the constitutional judge so as to try and understand what, in this process, contributes to the constitutional judge's firm conviction

This year again, the study will rely on a comparative approach of constitutional experiences. The judgment concerning constitutionality will be addressed as a factual process determined and affected by a set of legal or other elements.

Studying the investigation procedure and the various consequent powers held by the constitutional jurisdictions will first allow to evidence what "investigating a case" implies for a constitutional jurisdiction, which related powers it holds and who within the jurisdiction actually carries out the investigation.

Then will come the analytical stage when each of the elements will be considered, as highlighted during the investigation and likely to contribute to the constitutional judge's firm conviction: from the individual party to the legal doctrine including the legislator and the constitutional judge himself.

These first comparative doctrinal approaches will be enlightened by the experience of some constitutional judges who will provide their own interpretation of the cases in the course of a workshop.

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